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Hello beautiful people and welcome to Tat Lashes. I'm Tatiana, the lead lash artist and esthetician. My passion for lashes started way back, years ago, when I bought my first set of false eyelashes. It was for a Halloween costume which I can't recall but I do recall admiring the lashes in the package. I loved how dramatic they looked, so different from my own. I don't even think I ended up using them but they became the first set in my collection. From then on, I acquired many pairs, ranging from natural and wispy to lush and drag queeny. Most of the time, I'd admire them or would wear them once, meticulously clean them, then put them back in their I could admire them again! I just loved the shape, style and placement of the hair. When I found out that I could become a lash artist, I was all in. I became certified by Liv Contreras and also by Lash Affair (and I'm also a licensed esthetician, obvi). Being a lash artist requires patience, attention to detail, and most importantly, passion! It also requires an obscene obsession with tiny hairs, (me again obvi).

All beauty stuff aside, I'm also a mama to my daughter Jordan, a fur mama to my fur baby, Bob the Norwich Terrier, and a loving (most of the time) wife to my studly hubby. Not only am I passionate towards lashes, waxing, and skincare, I also love exercising, theater, sketch comedy, and FOOD! The blog will be beauty focused for the most part but my other interests make sneak their way into a few posts every now and then.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the site and I look forward to serving you!

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