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Livin' That Lash Life

Yay you decided to jump on the lash extension train! And if you take care of them properly, you'll be riding along for a while! After care is very important and affects the longevity of your extensions while keeping your natural lashes healthy and intact.

You paid a pretty penny for these babies so it only makes sense to treat them as such. Taking good care of them will help with lash retention aka waiting a longer time in between fills. Follow these aftercare tips, and you'll be livin' la vida lash-a!

*Wait 24-48 hours before getting your new lashes wet or moist. This includes shower, steam, sweat, & tears. The adhesive used on the lashes need time to set but after the "dry" period has passed, you can swim or have a sweat sesh with them, but clean them afterward!!

*Try your very best to sleep on your back. If you are a side sleeper, you may experience more loss on whichever side you're sleeping on. Or you can sleep in an eye mask, like this cute one here!

*Extensions are heat resistant, avoid direct heat which can cause the lashes to lose their curvature.

*Avoid use of products with oil, including heavy eye cream. Use oil free makeup remover.

*Please pretty please, do not pick, pull, or excessively touch your lashes.

*No mascara! If you must, only use non-waterproof and just on the ends.

*Use only liquid, non waterproof eyeliner or powder, nothing too waxy or oily. The oils will weaken the bond of the adhesive.

*Touch ups every 2-3 weeks

*Brush & clean them daily!