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These Are My Confessions

Remember when you found out Usher cheated on Chilli and you were like, "omg no, how could you?!" and then the Confessions album came out and you were like, "this album is straight fire!" Or maybe that was just me? I still haven't forgiven Usher but the song "Yeah" will get me dancing no matter where I am.

Photo credit: Arista Records

I have some confessions I want to share with you. Are they as juicy as Usher's or will they win me a Grammy? Probably not but you'll want to read on about my latest lash experience as a client and why I feel the need to come clean.

Confession #1 - Right after my appointment, my eyes were itchy and in pain but I didn't contact the lash studio to tell them. As the lash artist, I encourage all of my clients to text me within 3 days if they are not satisfied with their look, experiencing issues or pain but me as a client, I didn't reach out. Maybe because the place I went to didn't offer or mention to let them know regarding issues. Maybe because I was being too nice and kept telling myself, "it'll go away after a few days." Every time I blinked, it hurt but ignored it. The itchiness, however, didn't go away.

Confession #2 - I pulled, plucked, & rubbed.

All the things you shouldn't do when you have lash extensions. The itchiness was driving me crazy. The harder I rubbed, the more extensions came out. As they came falling down, I observed them. They looked like pre-made fans which are not a bad thing the bad part was the isolation. I found that some of the extensions had 2 or 3 natural lashes attached to one fan! No wonder why I was so itchy. It didn't help that I was rubbing and pulling because when the extensions and natural lash came out, the bulb was visible which means it was still in the growth phase.

Check out the pic below. My natural lashes are circled in red. With proper isolation, you should only have 1 natural lash attached to 1 lash extension or 1 volume fan.

Confession #3 - I'm a glutton for punishment.

The red flags were there during my first full set but still I came back for a two week touch up. Even through the itchiness and pain, I did look really cute and doe eyed.

The first red flag, my 1st full set appointment only took an hour. An hour for a full volume set is downright preposterous! And yet I came back for more. Volume services take longer because when the fans are handmade, it takes more time. Even with premade fans, I wouldn't expect the service to be so short. Second red flag, my eyes were burning during the service. This can be common but should be avoided. It usually is caused by the eye being taped open too much. I really felt like she had my eye busted allll the way wide open. I even commented on it and she said, "oh that's how it's supposed to be". It might be more convenient for her but if it's not a good feeling for the client, something needs to be modified because that leads to burning and the eye tearing up.

What could I have done to make things better? I should've reached out to the lash shop and let them know that my experience wasn't great. I could've had them removed. Why didn't I do those things, well...I looked really cute with the lashes and just tried to ignore the pain!

They say beauty is pain but pain should be temporary. (Such a terrible adage but I appreciate the old school charm) I'm hoping that the damage my lashes have gone through are just that, temporary. I'm currently putting myself through lash rehab:

-Using Lash Affair lash serum

-Taking supplements: Time released biotin & horsetail, check out Hilaree Brand from My Brand Lashes for more information on that

Some takeaways and reminders for me - I make sure to check in with my clients during the service. I double check my isolation. If I'm taping the eyelid up, I make sure that the eye is not open. I check in with new clients a few days after the service and I remind my regular clients to let me know if any issues occur.

I recommend every lash artist to get a bad lash job just so you ensure that you're doing the right thing and remind yourself what it's like to be a client. If you're a client that has experienced a bad lash job, I'd love to do your lashes and show you that you don't have to let it burn. (Ok I'll stop with the Usher references now.)