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Another Lash Shed?!

Remember a few months ago when I posted on the dreaded "Fall Shed", well guess what? It's happening again! Nooo! How is that even possible? Curses to you evolution and all that is related to science! I needs mah lashes!

Yes seasonal hair loss is about to hit us again but this time it is known as "Spring Shed" because, you guessed it, it happens in the Spring! But why God and/or Charles Darwin, is this happening? I already have very few lashes as is! One theory is that in the winter, we grow more hair for warmth and protection (hi evolution!), as our bodies get ready for spring and summer, we start to shed out those winter coats.

Not to fear, these hairs are not gone forever, they will grow back! But something to note, if you're causing repeated trauma to the hair follicle, constant tweezing, pulling/tugging, or waxing, the hair will slow down and stop growing eventually so please be nice and gentle to the hairs that you'd like to see your eyelashes!

It takes 4-8 weeks for a new lash to grow back. During the spring shed time, you'll notice more lashes falling out than usual. What can you do in the mean time? Starting using a lash serum to help nourish the hair follicle so that lashes grow back stronger, healthier and longer. Take supplements like Biotin and Horsetail which will aid in stronger hair. Book a volume or hybrid look instead of your usual classic to give the illusion of more fullness. Or schedule your touch up appointments a little closer together.

This is only temporary! As long as you take precaution, prepare, and have patience (I love alliteration any way attainable), your lashes will be lush and ready for all the spring festivities you have planned!