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Pandemic Express, Day 3

"Everyday's a little harder"

You ain't lyin' Elsa! We've made it through Day 3 and it damn sure isn't getting easier. I'm finding myself getting a little more irritable and felt the need to go out. I had to pick up my eczema medicine anyway so I went out to the pharmacy at Kaiser. Ok, ok made a Target run too.

It felt so strange to be out. I really enjoyed just driving around and listening to music. "I'm Too Sexy" came on and I was feeling that shit! Being outside almost felt forbidden. I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone or get too close. A constant loop of "don't touch your face" was running in my head. I wiped down the door handle, my purse, keys, and radio dial numerous times. I'm stepping into paranoid territory.

I can't help it with all the information on the news. Cases are growing, Governor Newsom put an shelter in place for the entire state of California. The bright side is knowing that people are fighting to end this. I feel like Trump's big fat ass is eclipsing the sunshine that is hope but we still are getting daily glimmers and specks.

One thing that makes me really happy at the moment is singing Frozen 2 songs with my 3 year old daughter Jordan. I have little faith in sequels but I think Frozen 2 may have surpassed the first! More songs and a deeper storyline that may have been too emotional for younger kids but it struck a chord with me. I lost my Dad last year and am still grieving, one probably never stops. Losing parents or loved ones is part of the Pixar m.o. so I shouldn't have been surprised but the detail that they put in it really got me. Where was I going with this? Oh yes, singing "Show Yourself" with my daughter raises my spirits. I have a lousy voice but I do have showmanship so when I sing I go all in with dance moves and grand hand gestures. I also do this on purpose in front of my daughter because she's in the copy stage and I want to teach her to be big, be seen. Speaking of showmanship and performing, I met with my Granny Cart Gangstas (the Asian-American female sketch troupe I'm in) we did a parody of "No Scrubs" via Zoom. We donned our trademark bowl cut wigs along with some choreo. Shoot, Welcome to Viral Sensation City, population: us! That was a lot of fun. I got to laugh and play and it made me forget about what was going on for 90 minutes.