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Pandemic Express, Day 4

For the past few days, I've been good and bad with social media. I put up a lot of Instagram stories, most of them funny, personal but also it lead me to stay glued to my phone so I could see what everyone else was doing. Today I decided to stay off as much as I could. Even though I didn't post anything, I feel good about my break. It hit me that man, being consistent on social media is so hard. Even though I have the time for it right now, my mind is not in the right place. At first I wanted just post, regardless if it was related to beauty or lash extensions. I just wanted something that would help me and my followers forget about the current situation.

Our situation is starting to feel like normal, the routine is starting to develop. Once I get into a routine, I start to lose my motivation and the laziness hits. I'm going to give myself some grace as I think we all should.

One of my accomplishments today was attending a group coffee chat with other estheticians via Zoom. We talked about ways we can stay connected with our clients during this time. **Gratitude Alert** Grateful for my loyal clients that I've gotten close with. I texted them today to check in to see how they're doing also to let them about my temporary closure.

Yeesh temporary closure sounds terrible. Just when you think 2020 is going to be your year and you're going to make kick ass profits, coronavirus comes in and cancels all your plans. Although I do like the theory of mother nature being able to heal because everyone is staying at home so less pollution from planes and cars. Besides that, I hope this ends before summer.