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Lash Lifts For Lazy Beauty

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Team Lazy Girl Beauty, assemble! We just celebrated our one year Quari-versary and some of us have gotten used to pared down beauty routines. I’ll be honest, since I have a mask on most of the time, my routine is brush teeth, wash face, moisturize and SPF. There are those days though when I wish I had a little more oomph in my face. I’ll park my car in the parking lot at Target then give myself a quick look in the mirror and think, “damn, I should’ve at least put on some mascara!” Usually I’d insert my plug for lash extensions at this point but not this time! I’m focusing on minimal beauty this month and LASH LIFTS should get the spotlight for that reason.

A lash lift plus mascara will get you that, “Oh, I’m just doing some grocery shopping and a Target run but want to look somewhat awake”. Lash Lifts fall into the lazy girl beauty category because you don’t need to do much to maintain them, no need to come in every 2 weeks for a fill. They last about 4-6 weeks so it doesn't require too much commitment. The service time is usually an hour to an hour and 15 minutes compared to a full set lash extension appointment which can take up to almost 3 hours.

What is the lash lift treatment actually like? We’ll have a quick consultation and I assess your natural lash health. For the most part, everyone can get a lash lift, unless you have a lot of sparse areas in your lash line or your lashes are super short and baby fine. No lash extensions are applied in a lash lift treatment, all of your natural lashes are used for the curl/lift. A soft, flexible silicone pad is affixed to the eyelid then the solution which relaxes and lifts the lashes is applied. The density and condition of the natural lashes can determine how long the treatment time will run. A keratin treatment is applied at the end to help condition the lashes. A lash tint can be added to help the lashes look darker and denser.

Any allergy sufferers out there or eye rubbers out there? Lash lifts are great for those people that want lash extensions but tend to get watery eyes or have seasonal allergies.

I believe in the power of lash lifts so much that I’m giving 20% off for your first lash lift! Once you get one, you’ll be hooked. Since lash lifts look better on healthy lashes, I’m also giving $5 off Grande Cosmetics - Grande Repair Lash Conditioner. Can be worn alone or as a primer before you apply your mascara. Book Online and use code LIFTOFF20; lash lift promo ends on April 9th, valid for first time lash lift only, can be used only once, service must be carried out by April 9th. Can book via online, or contact Tatiana via e-mail, phone, or Instagram DM.

Check out the Grande Repair Lash Conditioner here, no promo code needed, savings reflected at checkout (Grande Repair promo ends 03/31/2021).


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